Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Bee Patience": A Tiny Life Lesson from a girl who didn't know better

The playground was dry and hot.

I wondered where the grass was. Where were the flowers? 

Maybe it has been too long since I had been in elementary school. But on this, my son's first week of kindergarten, I was just getting used to him dropping off his backpack in the line by the wall, running off with a smile and a "'bye, mom!" I wanted flowers and grass. But swings, slides and four-square would have to do.

Today he stayed close. Standing by the wall, he looked down to see a honey bee, there on the barren blacktop. For a brief moment he panicked, for he and his dad had  finished their regularly-scheduled hunting date with the angry wasps in our backyard the night before ...

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"He's just looking for a flower so he can make us some honey," I assured him.

Soon a little girl approached. "A bee!" she exclaimed as she slowly retreated.

"He's just looking for a flower so he can make us some honey," my son told her.

The girl replied, "Maybe we should find him a flower?"

Before I could convince her that there was not a flower in sight, she was off into the sea of backpacks and barrettes and brand new school clothes.

I had almost forgotten about her, as my son, my husband and I kept ourselves busy protecting the innocent bee from the investigative school children. Suddenly a bright yellow flower with a brilliant brown center was being held right up under my chin.

I turned my gaze up to reconfirm. There was no grass. There were no flowers.

"Do you think THIS flower will do?" As I looked down past her deep, round eyes, her name-tag proudly displayed her name.

"Yes, Patience. This flower is perfect."

As I slid the sunflower up under bee, it quickly crept toward the center and began to enjoy the richness of the flower. Flower and bee were still connected when we walked away.

Driving home, I was delivered the lesson: We are always provided with what we need. It just takes a little Patience."


  1. That is a fantastic story. THanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Lovely story. And oh, so perfect that her name is Patience :)

  3. Wow. That is such a wonderful -- dare I say perfect -- way to start a school year. Or a new phase of your life.

    I love the way your son tried to soothe the girl, and how Patience's outlook was as sunny as that flower.


  4. Thanks, ladies.

    Wow. And already I need to read my own words.

    "I am always provided with what I need. It just takes a little Patience."

  5. Tami -- what a great story!

    I've seen you with my kids and you have a WORLD of patience.

    I can just imagine your kindergartner lining up for school. I love the way he repeated your words to the girl about the bee.

    What a wonderful Perfect Moment!

  6. How poetic! I love how this moment magically came together. Just lovely.

  7. Aww that is the cutest story and a great lesson!!