Monday, May 3, 2010

"Thumbs Up" -- Voluntary or Involuntary Reaction?

We tugged along the folding chairs, quartered oranges, drinks and snacks. This particular day required extra baggage as we found new places to tuck our blankets and umbrellas.

We sat in the rain on what was turning out to be a miserable morning. We were cold. We were wet. The wind was blowing. My son forgot to bring his ball. I'm not even sure I gave him anything to eat. The other team even got the advantage of playing the entire game downhill.

And the final straw, we didn't have time to stop for coffee.

Coach Randy led the kids in their "Go Tigers!" pre-game, hands-in cheer. He sent them to the field and encouraged them to have fun. We sat down and bundled up.

Somewhere near kickoff time, the wind and rain washed away our rushed, unpleasant morning.

Dominic skipped into position, as he has done at every soccer and basketball game he has played in his stellar 5 year career. He really, REALLY enjoys the game. Not the passing, or the shooting, or the running, or the cheering, or the body placement, or the throwing-in, or the scoring, or the steals and fast breaks.

Not even the oranges.

He loves the GAME.

Dominic has this smile that only appears on the court or field.

After about every sixth play he turns to his parents and gives us the "Thumbs up." And it is not connected to a goal or a great play. The "Thumbs up" is almost an involuntary reaction that occurs when my son is overwhelmed with love of the game, completely content that he is doing what he is doing.

My return "Thumbs up" was equally involuntary.
And so were the tears that began to well up in my eyes.

Or maybe it was just the rain.

But it was, without a doubt, a Perfect Moment!


  1. It is a joy to watch your child be enthralled and happy and in the moment. Even better when you get to be, too!

  2. awe, I got tears in my eyes...loved it! Thumbs up to both mommy and son.